Architecture Design Competitions – A guide for government


Federation Square Melbourne, Photographer: Trevor Mein

Are you considering running a design competition for a project? The OVGA's new publication, Architecture Design Competitions - A guide for government External link, provides guidance and advice to government organisations on how to enable high-quality design outcomes as a procurement method.

Competitions can generate excellent outcomes for clients and a quality built legacy, but the process must be robust. Architect Sir Norman Foster stated that "Any competition is only as good as the way it is run, as good as the people organising it, writing the brief, selecting the people to judge it and the process for judging it." These guidelines seek to ensure that government is an informed client and that the opportunities afforded by a competition can be realised.

The guide has also been featured in ARCHITECTUREAU, read more here External link

Image above: Federation Square Melbourne, Photographer - Trevor Mein

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