Graham Brawn

Graham Brawn

Architect and Academic

Graham Brawn is Professor Emeritus of Architecture at the University of Melbourne and a registered architect in Victoria.

Educated initially at the University of New South Wales, he did urban design post-graduate studies at the University of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana, supported by a Byera Hadley Scholarship from the NSW Board of Architects and a University of Illinois Fellowship. His early practice experiences included roles in offices in Sydney, Toronto, and Chicago.

Through his firms in Vancouver and Edmonton, Canada, he was a leader in the fields of strategic planning and design programming for major institutional and community projects, including a term as consultant director of the Planning, Programming and Property Management Division of Public Works, British Columbia.

At the University of Melbourne, he introduced three design practice post-graduate programmes, including a Masters in Architecture (Examined by Design) and one in Facility Planning and Management.

As a co-designer of finalists in three international design competitions, he has had design leadership roles on a variety of corrections, court house and mental health projects, and has also had design and strategic accommodation planning review roles for a number of prison, courthouse and mental health projects.

Graham continues to teach in design studios and consult. 

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