6x6 exhibition at Wye River: article in Architect Victoria


The OVGA Message in the Winter Edition of 'Architect Victoria' magazine, published by the Victorian Chapter of the Australian Institute of Architects, looks at the 6x6 exhibition in Wye River.

"It was our premise to demonstrate the benefits that good design can bring to housing in landscapes with the characteristics of Wye River and Separation Creek. We saw the opportunity for an exhibition of exemplar projects and information exchange, tapping into the expertise of a group of architects who have worked within the sensitive and particular landscapes of the coast, with its complex challenges of topography and environment. A key component was to engage the community in an informal way, guided by a range of diverse design responses, to assist them in moving forward to rebuild appropriate, compliant, resilient homes and stronger townships, acknowledging too the inherent challenge of a community composed of permanent and transitory residents."

You can read the whole article here. External link

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