Helen Lardner

Helen is passionate about enriching our environment with good design that layers new uses and meanings on our valued past.


Helen is the director of HLCD Pty Ltd, an award winning and innovative heritage architecture consultancy.

A registered architect, Helen undertook a Master of Architecture in Conservation. With over 20 years experience, Helen is highly respected nationally and overseas.

Helen is a strong advocate for the sensitive reuse of industrial places and for valuing twentieth century design.

She enjoys working in multi-disciplinary teams to create exciting futures for heritage places.

Helen was an expert member of the Australian Heritage Council and completed a six-year term on the Victorian Heritage Council.

She is chair of the Port Arthur Historic Site Management Authority Conservation Advisory Committee. She was a sessional member of Planning Panels Victoria.

Helen has worked with heritage places that are significant to communities across:

  • local
  • state
  • national
  • world heritage

Reviewed 15 April 2020

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