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We advise and advocate for quality in all types of public spaces and buildings.

  • The best design outcomes involve our advice in the early stages of a project. Some of the services we offer include:

    • sharing our knowledge of exemplary benchmarks that can help inform a business case
    • communicating the requirements for design quality that informs a design brief
    • providing perspective on governance and planning frameworks that appropriately balances public benefit with competing interest
    • assisting with design consultant procurement, using our industry and client-side experience
    • reviewing the work of design consultants to ensure quality design standards are upheld
    • reviewing building delivery procurement processes so that quality outcomes can be achieved under different contractual conditions
    • conducting post occupancy evaluations on built outcomes to inform future projects.
  • We engage with government project teams in diverse ways, including:

    • formal design review of projects via the Victorian Design Review Panel (VDRP) modelExternal Link
    • dedicated design review embedded within government project teams
    • less structured desktop review of projects - usually with focus on a particular document or drawing set
    • contributing advice into reports formatted by other government departments.
  • You can see us advocating for design in a variety of ways. Some of these include:

    Future Homes shortlisted design entry

Reviewed 05 July 2023