OVGA releases 2nd edition of Government as Smart Client

The revised ‘Government as Smart Client' document reflects recent changes in the procurement of design services, buildings and infrastructure.

Tuesday, 31 August 2021 at 7:26 am

The OVGA has updated its procurement guidelines in the Government as 'Smart Client' document. The update explains how to procure design services, buildings and elevate design quality.

This new edition includes updated advice on Novation, Intellectual Property, Contracts, Probity, Program Alliances, PPPs and new case studies. It explains different procurement methods and how to protect quality when competing against time and cost.

In selecting a procurement method there is always the need to recognise the potential threats to design quality and to manage them effectively. ‘Government as Smart Client’ informs this decision making and continues to champion good design outcomes.

You can download the Government as 'Smart Client' document or read the chapters online from the Resources section of our website