Aaron Wallis

Aaron Wallis


Aaron Wallis is a registered Landscape Architect with AILA and member of both PLA and Play Australia. Now Director of his company Playce, Aaron has lectured at RMIT University and fulfilled primary management roles in a number of companies over 15 years of practice.

Aaron's key specialisation is the design of public space that actively caters for young people. He has been a leader in this field over the last decade, demonstrated with the successful delivery of a multitude of innovative and award winning projects focusing primarily on skate and youth space provision in the public domain.

He has also regularly presents on the importance of youth inclusive public space at a range of professional conferences throughout Australia.

Over the last 6 years his focus has evolved from focusing on the needs of young people to more about intergenerational play and recreation. Aaron’s strategic work across Australia is looking at play provision for people of all ages, active recreation, parkour, climbing, skate, active sport, fitness and health and the importance of social inclusion.