OVGA advocate for design in a variety of ways.

The OVGA promotes the value of good design and design culture within government. The office helps establish integrated and consistent design procurement and quality assurance that make government a smart client. Practically, this can take the form of workshops within government, developing guidelines for design professionals or making a case for good design for specific sectors.

The OVGA can tailor design review and collaboration to the specific needs projects. This can assist in understanding how the design of a hospital can enable better patient care, how school environments can enhance student learning or how our streets can encourage more active lifestyles.

The OVGA publishes ’Good Design’ guides for specific sectors such as health and education. It also promotes the value of good design to a broad audience through public events and celebrating best practice and design achievements.

We advocate for design in a variety of ways:

  • supporting design competition briefs and evaluations
  • supporting demonstration projects
  • describing how to achieve good design in a variety of publications
  • speaking at public, industry and educational design events.

Examples of our advocacy work include:

  • ‘Case for Good Design’ publication
  • ‘Government as Smart Client’ publication
  • the Good Design publication series
  • NGV Contemporary competition
  • the ‘Future Homes’ initiative.
"I found OVGA's support of great value to help articulate the State's design aspirations, provide feedback to the design teams as the design was developed, and ensure that design intergrity and quality was maintained through delivery"
Tony Lubofsky, Project Director, Royal Children's Hospital, Department of Health.
The Royal Children’s Hospital, Architects: Billard Leece Partnership and Bates Smart, Landscape Architect: Land Design Partnership, Photographer: Peter Bennetts Royal Children's Hospital by Bates Smart and Billard Leece. Photography: Peter Bennetts.